“My Fitness Story…”

    My name is Carrie, and I am a 39 year old wife and mother of 3, that works full time out of the house. I started my fitness journey in December 2014. I made a decision and commitment to myself that I was going to be in the best shape of my life when I turned 40. This would allow me to look forward to this momentous occasion in my life rather than dread the day. I heard friends and acquaintances say that, “at 40 it all changes, your metabolism is shot and staying active isn’t enough”. If that is the case, why did I feel that this started happening to me at 37. . . and thus my journey began.

    My friends nor I would ever call myself overweight, and I was still considered thin. But what I was noticing is that I was just inching up every time I stepped on the scale, so now my clothes that I originally bought were getting a little too tight. When I stepped on the scale and was at a weight that I was at when I delivered with my last child (7 years later), this was another “say it ain’t so” moment.
    My story isn’t about needing to lose 30, 50 or 100 pounds. My story is about realizing where I was and NOT getting beyond this point. There are many of us in this world that will understand where I am coming from and want to make a change but don’t know exactly how to do it. We were never considered overweight or had been on “diet” before. But then one day we realize, our body just isn’t exactly how we want it. Since I was relatively active, I felt just getting on a more consistent workout schedule would probably be all I needed. So I signed up at Altman Fitness for the Boot Camp classes in December 2014 to try it out. I was so happy to find a place that throughout the month of showing up, soon realized that I would be comfortable continuing to go there. This was a place where people were there to improve themselves. There were all ages and all fitness levels that I never felt intimidated by the veteran members of the club. We all sweated together and were exhausted by the end of the workout (and at times exhausted at the beginning). After that first workout, I would have probably quit as I was beat, but I signed up for a month and felt this was my time to change. It was now or never as I only had 6 months before I turned 40. As I continued to go, I felt more comfortable with the workouts, although they were kicking my butt on most days.
    This was my first time with a consistent workout program since I was in high school and I soon found that although it did help, I wasn’t seeing those drastic changes that I was expecting or hoping to get. Coming from never really “dieting” or working out with a consistent program in years, I really didn’t know what to expect and found it wasn’t happening as quickly as I liked. I only had 6 months before I turned 40, so I needed to find something that helped me through this process.

    I looked into a few options but found that the 6 Week Challenge at Altman Fitness, might be something that would benefit me. Not only did it provide that great same workout schedule that I was now familiar with, but I felt I would get help in the nutrition part of my journey. Plus it was only 6 weeks. I certainly can do this for 6 weeks. . . right! And so it started!
    Having the support of the team with the 6 – week challenge group, really helped. The encouragement, the recipes they shared, their struggles so that I wasn’t alone in mine, and of course having to be accountable to them for the choices I made for that 6 weeks. This is a chance to not allow yourself to make excuses, but to overcome those barriers and reach your goal. I had plenty of barriers in my journey, but these barriers I overcame.

    I will not lie, this is not a walk in the park. Every day there was something that I could have made an excuse to slip up or quit. On those days where I did slip, I remembered my goal and started over again. I realized why so many people start a diet to eventually fail as I was experiencing those same things.

    Even with the challenges, I was seeing results to keep me motivated. But one of the best things I learned from this experience, is the determination I found within myself to meet my goal.

    So as you can see, my story is not about losing big numbers of weight. It was a reality check that I either make this change now, or continue on a path of thinking things are fine, but knowing deep down I wasn’t at the fitness level or weight I wanted/needed. This journey was for an average woman realizing it was time to make a change and no better time than when you are turning 40! I now look forward to my 40’s and being in the best shape of my life.

    Sincerely, Carrie B.
    Rogers, MN