Success Stories

    Testimonial Picture of Nicole Cleland (1)
    Testimonial Picture of Nicole Cleland (2)
    “Nicole has successfully lost 60 lbs and is working on her last 10 lbs”

    A brain tumor won’t even stop her! Nicole Clealand came to Altman fitness with a plan just like everyone else to lose weight and become fit. But things changed in August of 2013 when Nicole was diagnosed and treated for a brain tumor. Nicole could have let herself quit on her fitness goals but she didn’t, Nicole pushed hard through her recovery and jumped right back into her goal of getting a lean sexy body. In the last 2 years Nicole has hit roadblock after road block but if you ask her it’s only been small hurdles that have given her more strength and more momentum to go after all the things she really wants. Nicole has successfully lost 60 lbs and is working on her last 10 lbs. Nicole is instrumental in leading and motivating others in the Altman Fitness Master Mind group that want to lose weight, get fit and lead a healthy lifestyle. Stay strong, stay committed and results will come!

    Nicole Cleland
    Testimonial Picture of John Brill (1)
    Testimonial Picture of John Brill (2)

    I always leave feeling better then when I came in! John Brill has been a private client at Altman Fitness for the past year. Initially John came in to strengthen his knee that had suffered a severe injury. John enjoys golfing and running, so when those things started to become difficult he sought out private training at Altman Fitness.

    John has a busy career and lifestyle as do many people. But John is a part of a very small percentage of people that decide to follow through and create a healthy lifestyle of exercise and a healthy mind. One of the best qualities about John that I have learned as his trainer is that John handles stress well. He goes into a situation prepared and is confident of the outcome. He attacks his personal training the same way. John comes to his workout prepared to be pushed confident that the outcome will be a stronger healthier body.

    In a year of training at Altman Fitness John’s resting heart rate has decreased significantly. His recovery time has been cut in half and his overall strength has doubled. John continues to do the things he loves to do and looks forward to being fit as he ages.

    John Brill
    Testimonial Picture of Jenny Flynn (1)
    Testimonial Picture of Jenny Flynn (2)

    I was always the one who wished I had started… “I would often watch others around me losing inches, losing fat and getting healthy.” “ I still remember at the end of the season when biggest loser final results were in and I would say to myself… If I had only started when this season started I would be down 100lbs too!”

    Jen did start, she started with Altman Fitness January of 2012 weighing in at 256 lbs. “I was so nervous that first day I wasn’t sure what to expect or if I could even do any of the moves.” Jen instantly felt at home with the owner and trainers at Altman Fitness. After that first class Jen felt that inner athlete coming back. Jen spent the next month of her groupon trial putting in a consistent schedule of MWF. At the end of the month Jen knew she wanted more!! “I could tell this time was going to be different, this time was my time” Jen became a member and for the next year utilized all the programs at Altman Fitness to take off fat weight. In her first year Jen lost 90lbs.
    During that time Jen also discovered that she really enjoyed motivating and helping others to lose weight and feel great. It took time and retraining her brain from “stinkin’ thinkin” to positive thoughts, words and actions. “Altman Fitness really taught me the tools on how to be the best version of myself, and I really like myself now”

    In January 2014, Jen took a full time position with Altman Fitness. Jen has furthered her career and certification in personal training, group fitness training, nutrition and holistic lifestyle coaching.
    “if you are at the point where you are tired of not getting results, then Altman Fitness is the place to come, not only will you get results but you will find a home.”

    Jenny Flynn
    Testimonial Picture of Dr. Elizabeth Kennedy (1)
    Testimonial Picture of Dr. Elizabeth Kennedy (2)

    “Jen Flynn (picture) has managed to turn around a myriad of symptoms from dizziness, palpitations and fatigue simply by living well with your new fitness program, exercise and clean eating.  This is a real testimony to the body’s ability to heal with the appropriate attention and care to everything we all need – real food, regular physical activity and a great support structure.  I am so proud of you!” ~ Jen has used the 28 day Fat Loss program and Boot Camp program exclusively at Altman Fitness.

    Dr. Elizabeth Kennedy