Meet the Staff


Jay Altman

Co-Owner of Altman Fitness
Over 20 years in the fitness industry
BS in Kinesiology from Indiana University
NASM, ACE Certified
CHEK level II Practitioner
Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor
Functional Medicine Practitioner

Jay knew from the time he was 13 years old that helping people feel good through diet and exercise was his true calling. Jay has literally helped thousands of people to their highest goals through the application of exercise, whole-food eating, stress management, lifestyle factors and spiritual development. He has guided high school, college and pro athletes, in addition to top-level executives to achieve phenomenal results in record time. Jay designs programs that use cutting edge science along with age-old techniques that have proven to be very effective for achieving the highest level of health and fitness. Jay is the creator of the 28 day Fat Loss formula a national program that has successfully helped thousands of people lose fat.    


Kelly Altman

Co-Owner Altman Fitness
Boot Camp Instructor
NASM Certified
Certified IDEA Boot Camp Instructor     Certified Health Coach

“I struggled with my weight for nearly my entire life. My family moved frequently when I was growing up, being overweight made me feel very self-conscious going out for sports at new schools. I wound up working in restaurants in high school, which didn’t help my weight problem.  When I went away to college I looked at it as a way to makeover my life and I became focused on taking better care of myself. It was then that I started running and eating better and lost over 30lbs. In 2000 I felt stagnant in my exercise routing and I wanted a “goal” to work towards so I signed up for a marathon. I joined a running group a few years later and soon started leading the groups. I realized very quickly that this was my true calling. I LOVED being the leader, coaching and inspiring people to achieve their goals and making friends along the way. When I had way pregnant for my first child I was stressed and placed on “modified bedrest” and gained a whopping 54 pounds! I was back to square 1 and felt miserable by how far out of shape I was. I no longer had time to train for marathons (8-10 hours of running per week) and my body had changed. After learning the correct way to eat AND to workout to lose fat,  I can honestly say that after 3 kids I am in the best shape of my life. I am so excited to motivate you to train harder and smarter. To focus on build strength and making every moment of your workout COUNT. As a former “Cardio Queen” I could never have changed my body the way I have now and I am so passionate about getting you RESULTS in the shortest time possible. I missed the thrill of coaching people to achieve their goals and I cannot wait to share my enthusiasm and passion with YOU!”- Kelly

William Sather

Manager, Altman Fitness

BA Social Work

Certified Life Coach

ACE Group Fitness Instructor

“I love people and I love fitness. I also know that I feel the energy of others that are working hard to improve themselves. I have holistically studied the mental side of what it takes for people to change. I may come off as a fun, playful extrovert, but I am truly an introvert at heart. I have made it a goal to be a constant vessel for the change others want for themselves, and to educate the psychology at play as simply as possible.

My #1 Principle in life is: “Be True to Myself”




Christian Roseen    

Lead Boot Camp Trainer
NPTI Certification
CPR Certified American Heart Association

“Nothing is more important in my life than character.  What I will promise every time I am in your presence is my joy and passion for life and living to the fullest!  I pride myself in being the most enthusiastic and positive person possible.  I am so excited to lead people like you to being the best version of yourself.  Life is about feeling free and alive, not about feeling bored/comfortable. It’s also about living with courage…. not living with fear or simply existing.  I work hard each and every day at leading by example with my fitness and my faith.  I can’t wait for us to meet each other so that I can help lead you to the best version of yourself.  Let’s make fitness a priority and have some fun!”- Christian


DiAnna Vetinska

NETA-certified group fitness instructor
Altman Fitness trainer
AED/CPR Certified American Heart Association
B.A. in Finance & Management ~ Bethel College
MIM (Masters of International Management) ~ University of St. Thomas                                 INHC ~ Institute for Integrative Nutrition Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

“A fitness enthusiast, former ballet dancer and martial arts practitioner, weight lifting aficionado, tactical training student, an avid Harley rider and now a NETA-certified group fitness instructor, I have a strong passion for fitness and well-being which I love sharing with others.

In 2011, I stumbled upon a deal from Altman Fitness offering bootcamp-style workouts.  These workouts combined intense bursts of exercise with less intense active recovery periods – something I had never done before.  As a person constantly looking for something new, I had to add Bootcamp to my exercise portfolio!   Little did I know that I had found a gold mine:  something that delivered solid results, was fun and would turn my life around completely.

My personal success with Altman Fitness inspired me to further pursue the fascinating world of fitness.  A bootcamp student turned instructor in a little over a year, I obtained my instructor certification and joined the training team.  A deal that was supposed to last a month turned into a life-long commitment.

Watching others succeed is the biggest reward, and I see it in our classes every day.  My background in various avenues of fitness allows me to understand the important balance of strength, persistence and flexibility.  As an instructor I strive to inspire, motivate, and help you achieve your goals and dreams.   Almost anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Live life to the fullest.   Always believe in yourself.  Step outside of the comfort zone.

See you at the studio!”

– DiAnna

Cat Barnes

USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach
Zumba & WERQ
High School Dance Coach

HEAT Youth Sports Coach

Crossfit Level 1

I have always loved being in the gym and started teaching group fitness in college. I loved leading people through workouts they weren’t certain they could do. I valued being a part of other’s fitness journeys. I felt a great sense of accomplishment when those I worked with found success. I discovered I coudl empower men and women to transform not only their bodies but their minds as well. I knew the fitness industry was the place for me and got my first training certification in college.    I am also a performer by nature as I danced for 27 years on stage and in studios. I dance mostly for passion, as luck will have it, it’s also a great form of exercise.

My favorite quote to date is “Once we know better, we must do better” 

Eden Prairie Fit Body

Altman Fitness Fit Body Boot Camp’s Unstoppable Fitness Formula workouts are designed to shed your unwanted body fat in the shortest amount of time possible while giving you maximum results under the supervision of the most qualified personal trainers.

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Power 45 is all about Strengthening your body from the core, delivering a high intensity workout to your body but LOW IMPACT to your joints. This class will have a longer warm up, easing your body into the core of the workout which will be 45 min of high intensity strength training with emphasis on perfect form and limiting the amount of impact to your joints. We will end with a longer stretching program that encompasses the FULL body and leaves you feeling calm in the body and mind. This will protect your body from injury and help you to feel less sore the next day.

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