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Click on a class time and location to reserve a class and log in with your Zen Planner email address.  For questions email office@altmanfitness.com

[calendar] **For HOLIDAY Class times please Email us at office@altmanfitness.com

Trial memberships and 6 Week Challenges available.

Nutrition Consult: Please email us at: office@altmanfitness.com

Nutritional support: We proudly offer the highest quality supplements by Designs for Health to help support your busy lifestyle. We understand the desire to put high quality ingredients into your body while building lean muscle and eliminating fat.  All products are in stock and available to you immediately.

Additional support:  immune support, multivitamins, probiotics as well as Fish oil, Vitamin D and more are available and in stock.  Our products are through Designs for Health, is unmatched in its ability to develop highly effective synergistic formulations. For over 20 years, health care professionals have trusted and relied on our products, confident that they are receiving the purest and most potent nutritional supplements available.

We value our members and extend our deepest gratitude for referring family and friends and entrusting us at Altman Fitness in guiding you to results you never thought possible. Please feel free to call, email or reach out to us in person at any time.



Have a promotion (like Groupon) to redeem?

If you have purchased a promotion for boot camp and would like to get started, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Choose the Class time that works best for you based on the on-line schedule


Step 2: Email your option and start date us at admin@altmanfitness.com

Example: Hi this is Kristie, I have the 21 day groupon,  I would like to start Monday, April 22nd

Step 3: Wait for a confirmation email: Important! Boot camp starting information Altman Fitness

If you have any additional questions please call us at: 612-454-6409

*As a reminder, promotions such as 1 week free trials, groupons or other discounts may not be combined. In an effort to protect our results-based membership we do not allow the use of more than one promotion in a 6 month period.*


Frequently asked questions for promotions :

Q: I have never done boot camp before is it for every fitness level?

YES! Our classes are designed for every fitness level from beginner to pro athlete.  Our classes are lead by an advanced instructor guiding you through each move. Its up to you how hard you want to push yourself.  Our classes combine strength and cardio to take you to that peak state.

Q: Is my promotion for 14 or 21 classes?

No, the number on the deal refers to how many days you have access starting from your first day. So, if it says 21 day boot camp, the 21 days would start the day you come in for your first class and expire 21 days later. It is true that we run our program and suggest 3 days per week to give you the best results and allow your body to recover fully in between.  

Q: I am looking for a gym, what are your prices?

Awesome! Our gym is like a family and we love to have new motivated individuals joining us that are on a mission to get in amazing shape. We have many membership options that one of our experts would love to discuss with you after your first session!