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    I always leave feeling better then when I came in! John Brill has been a private client at Altman Fitness for the past year. Initially John came in to strengthen his knee that had suffered a severe injury. John enjoys golfing and running, so when those things started to become difficult he sought out private training at Altman Fitness.

    John has a busy career and lifestyle as do many people. But John is a part of a very small percentage of people that decide to follow through and create a healthy lifestyle of exercise and a healthy mind. One of the best qualities about John that I have learned as his trainer is that John handles stress well. He goes into a situation prepared and is confident of the outcome. He attacks his personal training the same way. John comes to his workout prepared to be pushed confident that the outcome will be a stronger healthier body.

    In a year of training at Altman Fitness John’s resting heart rate has decreased significantly. His recovery time has been cut in half and his overall strength has doubled. John continues to do the things he loves to do and looks forward to being fit as he ages.

    John Brill