Is Laughter really medicine?


Ever notice how when others start laughing… you start laughing? 

That’s because the premotor cortical region of your brain is triggered by the sounds of laughter, which causes movement of your facial muscles to respond with sound and prepare you to join in. Basically when something is funny… your facial muscles go into uncontrollable spasm.  Being surrounded by others is the main trigger for laughter, not a joke or a funny movie like you would think.   Studies show that social laughter occurs 30 times more frequently than solitary laughter. So next time your in a large group, start a little laugh and see what happens!

Laughing Burns Calories…. yep you heard me right! 

Laughing can raises your energy and heart rate approximately 10% to 20%. Which means you could burn around 10-40 calories by laughing for 10 to 15 minutes. However, you would have to laugh for a solid hour or more for calorie burning to be effective.  Just don’t laugh so hard you pee  your pants!

Laughing could be Good for Your Relationship!

Couples who laugh and smile together while discussing touchy subjects have a higher success rate and are more satisfied in their relationship.  Next time you and your loved one have a little spat, try a little haha, hahahaha, hahahahahahahahah. Maybe it will lighten the mood 🙂

Want to be attractive???

Looking for Mr. or Mrs. right? When looking for a mate, studies show that 62% of women mention laughter as an important trait that they are looking for in a man. And men tend to use humor to be attracted too! Who new all we had to do was just laugh, skip the flowers and chocolate and just give a belly laugh, may just save you some money!

……..So there you have it, some days laughing can be just the right medicine for you!

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