Have you ever tried this?


Have you ever tried pilates for exercise?  Have you ever wondered about it.  Some say that it is easy.  Let me tell you that when you do pilates correctly and as prescribed by my friend Sylvia…

Pilates, is not EASY!

Sylvia, take it away…

It’s true Pilates is a tough workout and THE very best to for getting a tight sexy core.

However, as I mentioned above it’s a challenging workout, sort of a love to hate but can’t wait to do again sort of workout.

The muscles work and burn out to fatigue FAST!

We all know a strong core is important but what I do want to clarify is that doing hundreds of sit-ups wont target the deep abdominals muscles the way Pilates moves does.

Core strength is the key to a strong body, it targets the intricate muscles that surrounds and protects the low back, spine, pelvis and hips.  By keeping your body in alignment the movements are challenging forcing the body to move fluidly and with control.

Not to mention reduced risk of injuries, body weight Pilates targets the deepest layer of the abdominals, the transverse abdominals, when it’s weak the body compensates by making the low back work over time.

Take your fitness workouts to the next level and add in the body weight core exercises and you’ll surprise yourself on how quickly your body will change not only in slimming down the midsection but in leaning the body down to a tight fit physique.

Let me tell you a little story about Tim.

Tim is a hardcore fitness fanatic, he is in the gym four times a week, spends his weekends dirt bike riding and has broken over 14 bones in his body, and by the way is 47-years-old.

His wife challenged him to try something new, a different style of exercises, Pilates, he chuckled and said sure how bad can it be.

Well, Tim isn’t chuckling anymore!  Within 3 minutes of the Body Weight Pilates exercises he was sweating and muscles were firing and burning to the point of fatigue.

He dropped 10 pounds in 2 weeks without trying and his strength training workouts are now even better. He is now addicted in a good way to the Pilates system, a full body workout that targets every single muscle in the body, all without using NO equipment.

Now how can a fit 47 year old be sweating and apologizing to his wife for making fun of her Pilates workout…

You can see for yourself, I asked my friend Justin to help me demonstrate this move, he is a L1 Crossfit Coach and a former Pro baseball player, watch him really feel the burn…Give this quick exercise a try…

Exercises just like the one you watched in the video above are from the Body weight Pilates System, these movements requires the whole body to move together for defined muscle definition and a strong core.

You are gaining flexibility in the tightest parts of the body, the hamstrings, low back and hip flexors without even realizing it.

Here’s the best part, you can easily add in Pilates to your already existing workouts at home or in the gym.  No one will know you are doing Pilates unless they are up to date as you are with knowing what to do in getting a strong midsection.

The workouts are fun and don’t require any equipment or hours out of your day.  Easily plug in the exercises for a full body experience that will have you feeling every single muscle and quickly fatigue the muscle.

You may find it hard to believe but the body weight Pilates moves will literally have you sweating and feeling your core in less than 3 minutes just like Tim and Justin did. This system has over 53 different workouts to target every muscle in the body.

An overall improved physical performance and endurance from practicing Pilates and adding a variation of the body weight Pilates exercises to your regular routine. The results and increased performance of daily activities greatly improve.

For more workouts and exercises head over to…

==> Body Weight Pilates

Get more out of your workouts and challenge yourself to increase your performance in and out of the gym or on your days off head over to Body Weight Pilates for more body weight works.

Enjoy and have fun!

Sylvia Favela, author of “Body Weight Pilates
For additional tips and resources visit Sylvia’s blog at www.360PilatesWorkout.com

Happy Holidays

Your Fitness and Fat Loss Guy

Jay Altman

P.S.  Heading to Chicago and Indiana in three more days to see our family!  Can’t wait.  🙂

P.S.S.  Go here Body Weight Pilates to check out Sylvia’s Pilates Program.

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