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Before I tell you exactly what the Fitness & Fat Loss Summit is and WHY it is so important that YOU be there I’m going to share a very powerful story with you….

This might be something that you want to share with a good friend or family member who you care about or maybe with your entire email list.

A few years ago one of my mentors shared with me a true story that really changed his life and that same story inspired and drove me towards permanent change and I wanted to share that with you here:

Here’s what he wrote me:

Several years ago while on an adventure trip to Alaska I experience what I can only call one of life’s greatest lessons.

Like all great lessons in life, it came unexpected and it came to me exactly at the time when I needed it the most.

While taking a walk along the shoreline in Ketchikan Alaska I noticed several crab fisherman casting their nets, waiting a few moments, and the pulling in couple crabs at a time.

One fisherman had a bucket full of five or six crabs in it. It was probably one of those five gallon paint buckets that you’d find at the local Home Depot.

There was several inches of water at the bottom of the bucket and these crabs – some the size of my palm, and others the size of Shaquille O’neal’s.

As I stood there watching how this crab fisherman went about his trade I noticed that one of his crabs from the bucket was climbing on top of the rest.

I couldn’t really make out exactly what the crab was up to just yet, but I could tell this one was the more ambitious crabs of the bunch.

But I soon figured out exactly what he was up to.

This little ambitious crab was attempting to make a get-a-way!

He was climbing on top of the others to gain height, then he slowly extended his front legs upward toward the lip of the bucket to pull himself up.

HOLY COW!… this little guy was trying to make a break for it. FREEDOM!

More out of curiosity than anything else I asked the crab fisherman if he was aware that this crab was about to hoist himself up and over the edge of the bucket.

He calmly said; “watch what happens”


As this ambitious crab started pulling himself up to get over the edge of the bucket, all of the other crabs reached up, grabbed his hind legs and pulled him down to the bottom of the bucket.


I instantly realized that I had made one of the dumbest mistakes of my life. Earlier that year I had figured out that a few of the people in my life were negative and broke minded individuals who always found a way to squash my dreams each time I’d share it with them.


Yet I continued to hang out with them, I kept them in my circle of influence, and shared my most lofty goals with them – only to have my ambitions squashed by their negativity, doubt, and scarcity mindedness.

I wanted so badly to soar with the eagles, yet I was hanging out with turkeys.

I suppose it was just comfortable to be around the people I knew, even if they did stunt my personal and professional growth, rather than to find a new circle of influence who would support me, challenge me, and encourage me to achieve and surpass my goals.

Fear of the unknown stopped me from achieving my dreams sooner.


But things changed for me after that day in Ketchikan Alaska.

When I got back home I committed to creating my “bubble” and cutting out all of the crabs and turkeys in my life.

I become the gatekeeper of my bubble. I chose who got in and who got kicked out.

It wasn’t easy to do, but I cut ties with the crabs in my life.

No more crabs, no more turkeys… ONLY eagles are allowed into my bubble these days.

We’ve all heard the saying… your income is the average of the five people who you surround yourself with the most.

But you can also say it this way; your head space, your personal development, your attitude, your contribution to society, your personal and spiritual growth in life are all an average of the five people that you surround yourself the most.

If the people in your circle of influence are crabs, energy vampires, and low tone then that’s the effect that they’re going to have on your life.

You’d say the same to your kids, right?  (Be careful who you hang around with)

I want you to surround yourself with people who support you, lift you up, and encourage your fitness and fat loss goals.

That’s what I want for you now.

You’re an eagle, but you’ll never soar as high as you can if you hang around with turkeys and crabs.

Put yourself around the people who will support, encourage and challenge you to get to your goals.

One of the best places for that is at the first annual Fitness and Fat Loss Summit happening on May 31st, 2014. 


What is Fitness and Fat Loss Summit?

Fitness and Fat Loss Summit is the most unconventional fitness and fat loss event ever and it’s

going to change your life so you can finally gain the information, tips and tricks that really work.


Who will be there?

First off I’m bringing in some of the top minds in the industry today.  I have given them only one special request:  When they present do NOT hold back any information that will dramatically increase results and make sure that everyone that attends has a HUGE list of clear step by step instructions to get real results and quickly.


Secondly, people just like you will be there.  People that are serious about taking fitness and fat loss to the next level.  People like you that want to have their hands on the latest science backed, cutting edge information that literally gives you the short cuts to realize your dreams.


Where is Fitness and Fat Loss Summit happening?

Fitness and Fat Loss Summit is happening at the Altman Fitness studio located at 7417 Washington Ave S., Edina, MN 55439


How many people can come?

We are limited to 100 people for Fitness and Fat Loss Summit.


Is there a deadline to register?

Yes, there are two.  The first deadline is for the early bird pricing and the cut off is May 15th.  The final deadline at the increased price is May 26th.  However, when the event is sold out, it is sold out and this event will sell out fast.


How do I claim my spot?

To register and claim 1 of the 100 spots available click here or click the link below.


Committed to your success,


P.S.  We have already presold 37 seats to our Fat Loss Mastermind members and my private clients.  So, if you want to come to this one of a kind event that will be filled with the information you need and the people that are getting amazing results now (the people you want to include in your life) so you can have YOUR best year ever then click here now:


P.S.S.  To learn more about Fitness and Fat Loss Summit click here:

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