Crying during or after a workout?




You’re not as alone as you may feel. It definitely does not happen to everyone, but it’s not even close to abnormal.

It can happen to anyone. From someone that has worked out their whole life and competing for miss minnesota, to the beginner that has made a commitment for themselves to pick up the healthy hobby.


Exercise releases endorphins that interact with serotonin and dopamine (mood impactors). This creates an environment in our body/mind that allows for us to have heightened emotional experiences.

With my experience in mental health and Life Coaching I appreciate and respect anyone that has gone through this or is going through this. It’s a moment of vulnerability that so much can be gained from. Every individual is different and there are many causes, so I will not get into any clinical language. Here are the straight forward pros and cons.


-U of M study found that it increases the mood of roughly 90% of those that go through it.

-It releases a hormone called prolactin which helps lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and boosts the immune system.

-You get the option to explore yourself/get to know yourself better and enhance your quality of life



The only way for a negative to happen is if you take an unhealthy mindset to the healthy external display of emotions you are having. If this is you, know that if it is nothing you even the slightest, that there are multiple people that are nearby that would love to help you. In fact, I believe you are taking away a valuable experience from the person you do not tell. My rational? Search your memory. Find any time that you helped someone with something you knew was important to them. How good did you feel to help them? You are stealing that moment from them.

For most, talking to someone about it that genuinely cares and listens helps. A conversation with a trained Coach can even further enhance the benefits of the emotional workout.  If this is you call 612-454-6409 or email us at to set an appointment with one of our trained staff.

William Sather, Certified Life Coach

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