I’m glad your all excited about the 12 crockpot meals that are coming out this week!  Last night I brought my mom the Sesame chicken one and she …… well lets just say you can see from the picture her plate was clean 🙂

IMG_0402 IMG_0409

I wanted to share a little bit with you how these meals came about.  School is coming and I know how busy it is so I wanted to get prepared! I also know there are a lot of people that just struggle with “what to make” for dinner.  DeeAnn and I were discussing this at the office the other day. I had brought in some meals and she said “your so good at this stuff” I said what do you mean “good at this stuff, it’s some meals in a bag”  she said “but you think of these things, I don’t”

What I said to her  “You know, I have a lot of ambition. If I see something that could be of help to others and I grow in the process…. then I put a lot of attention to it”. DeeAnn and I have been talking about this cooking thing for the last 2 months. She struggles because she doesn’t know what to make and sometimes how to make it. I know that feeling, I had the same feeling a while back.

Pastor Rob Ketterling said the other day “If your going to remain wise, then you must remain teachable.”  I LOVE IT!!!! Which is why I put together this video. I want to make sure that anyone, I mean ANYONE that really wants to learn how to eat healthy… Can!



I want you to know you’re not alone. Everyone has a budget. Everyone leads a busy life. Everyone has picky eaters. Most of us are not really sure what to cook or how to cook and feel stuck! Well, hopefully it starts here with a little help from us at Altman Fitness.

Can I take a minute to share with you the philosophy behind Altman Fitness….. It’s not about memberships it’s about members. It’s not about failure, it’s about results. It’s not about taking a class, it’s about showing up, hard work and learning how to take care of this absolute gift of a life.

I know for me I want to go through this life feeling good.

Headaches are not normal. Feeling tired and sluggish is not normal. Chronic diarrhea or constipation is not normal. Achy joints, abdominal pain, loss of hair, snoring, poor sleep, mood swings, depression, anxiety is NOT normal!  Don’t kid yourself. Don’t except it. Realize what it is and then decide if you want to change it. If you do…. we are about educating you so please ask us:

This Wednesday I am going to post how I made these 12 meals. How much I spent and you all know how much time…. just 90 min! Your also going to have the opportunity to get these recipes and the grocery list that you can take with you and yep all for FREE, Why? because we LOVE YOU!

Stay tuned!

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