How to promote Products Successfully

To be successful at promoting products you must first build a list of email addresses to promote the products to. What you do not want to happen is to be put into the “spam category” in peoples’ inboxes. We all have people that just constantly try to sell us stuff online and what do we do to these people? We unsubscribe or “black list” them. You don’t want to turn into one of these people.

Here are some tips on how to build a list to promote to THE RIGHT WAY:

  • Get an email management program to segment your lists with and send emails from, like outlook, constant contact, aweber, ect. Anything to help manage lists and emails with.
  • Give your list good content with a disguised sales pitch at the end. Don’t just email them to sell them stuff. You probably hate that and people hate that.
  • Build a good trusting relationship with your list. If they like you they will buy stuff from you.
  • Position yourself as their friend who is offering a solution to a problem they have.
  • Start a blog and promote products related to certain posts.
  • Promote stuff on Facebook with ads or with fan pages.
  • Use YouTube video blogs or “how to” videos to promote products. Give a good how to and then at the end of the video direct people to click on the link below the video for more info. Then, place your hoplink on the first line of the description of the video.
  • When inserting your hoplink it is best to use a url cruncher so the hoplink doesn’t look so long and spammy. See the resources page for info on what I use. Another way to hide it is to “hyperlink” the hoplink in email text. The final way is to get a domain and and link your hoplink to the domain. This is usually the best thing to do to get the click.
  • The possibilities are endless here, just make sure to not be spammy and build trust amongst the people you want to sell to.