Here is a list of several resources that I use with my online business. I figured it may help you out a bit.

Evernote – I use this to sync all of my notes that I write every day. I have it on my phone, laptop and desktop computers.

Google Drive – I use this to store videos and files that I share with other people.

Blogs to follow –          Internet Independence

Early to Rise

Twitter Search – See the most talked about subjects on twitter. This will help you with generating content. You will always have something relevant to talk about.

Traffic Travis – My good friend Rick Kaselj turned me onto this software. Great SEO tool to use!

Fiverr – the cheapest place to get outsource work done. Everything is $5. This is a fun site just to play around on…


Find a good, list making app or software. I use the one that is stock on my iPad called “Reminders”. Whatever app you choose, it’s a good thing to work off of lists every day.

Social Triggers – an Unbelievable source of online marketing knowledge.

TinyURL – This helps take your hoplinks or long URLs and make them smaller and more discrete.


This is obviously only a partial list, but there is a lot of information and opportunity in the above mentioned resources.   Good luck and take action.