A Real account of the 28 Day Fat Loss Formula

Have you ever wondered if the 28 Day Fat Loss Formula is right for you?  Have you just wished you could hear in real terms what to expect from someone who has done it? Well, if you are in our boot camps you can talk to almost any one of our members and they will tell you their story-and they will rave about what they learned and what their results were.  This past month we had one of our new instructors, Muna, go through the program. She wrote us a summary about her results and exerperience and I thought it was way to good NOT to share. Congrats to Muna for her amazing results and I hope this helps anyone out there who is looking to start, or stay motivated through or program.

“This is Muna, your instructor at the Triad location in Bloomington. I just finished the 28 day and wanted to share my experience with you. In the beginning, I was a bit nervous because once we went over the restrictions, I wasn’t sure what kind of options were going to be available for me to eat. However, I soon found that it was much easier than I expected it to be. Jay and Kelly have a detailed meal plan that you can choose to follow (which I did because it seemed easiest for my lifestyle – it was one less thing I had to worry about) with amazing recipes. My personal favorites were the breakfast tacos (which I didn’t only have for breakfast!) and the protein pancakes with blueberries. Both of those recipes I plan to continue eating even after the 28 day has finished.

The first three weeks went by extremely fast and the routine was so easy to follow that when I looked back on it, the days were flying by. Upon the switch up of the rules in the last week, I was excited but nervous, once again, about what I was going to eat. After the first day in the last week, it became apparent that there was no need to worry, because Jay and Kelly really thought this through and made a great plan that was very user friendly.

Unfortunately, on the last Wednesday, I got to work and realized that I had forgotten my lunch. Needless to say, I was a bit panicky. I hadn’t “cheated” up to that point, and I really didn’t want to start then! Luckily, I had eaten breakfast before I left for work, so I didn’t have to really worry about it until around 11 a.m. When it came down to it, I sorted through my options, which were scarce, and I decided to go to Jimmy Johns to get an un-wich (adding the avocado for my healthy fat). Since I wasn’t going home for dinner that night, I also stopped at the gas station and picked up some already boiled and peeled eggs for dinner as well as an apple for my mid-day snack (which I ate with peanut butter that was in the kitchen at my work). It all ended up working perfectly in the end, but it was definitely nerve-wracking in the morning!

 When I began the 28 day, I will admit that I wasn’t in it to lose weight, I was more curious about the program so that, when a boot-camper has questions about it, I can help. With that in mind, I was stunned when at the end of the four weeks on plan, I weighed myself and was down 10 pounds and 11 inches! I really didn’t expect that at all. After I took my measurements, I remembered that a while back I had bought a pair of jeans that were one size smaller than I wear as incentive to possibly fit into them one day. I dug them out and tried them on, and lo-and-behold they fit! I was so pumped! They may just become my new favorite pair of pants.

I felt pretty good 28 days ago, but now I feel great. My advice for everyone taking part in the 28 day is that if you have any questions or needs help pushing through these four weeks, talk to people who have done it or are doing it with you. I got some great inspiration from people who had done it previously as well as from those who were working on it at the same time I was. Use your resources, phone in on Monday evenings, eat healthy, lose fat, and most of all – have fun!


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