6 Week Body Transformation Winners!!!

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Wow! When we kicked off the “New and Improved” Altman Fitness 6 week body transformation program on January 5th we knew it was going to be awesome, but the participants managed to “WOW” us and show results even beyond our expectations!  Our group started with 57 participants and ended with 49!!!   That is an 86% Finish rate!! Typically the statistic of someone starting a “diet” or program you expect that about 60% finish so our retention on this program was a huge bonus.

During the program our participants were split into one of two teams: The Orange Team (led by Kelly) or The Black Team (led by Jen). Everyone was given a specific diet to follow, that was easy to implement and gave them all results IMMEDIATELY.

All participants came to  our boot camp classes and learned the best & fastest way to get fat loss results. Classes were full of energy and we could really see both the team camaraderie AND a little bit of competition as people tried to keep up with the ones who were clearly “in it to win it”. What an exciting 6 weeks it has been!

In addition, our 6 week body transformation is filled with tons of coaching, supportive emails every couple days, a private facebook group for the teams so people can post daily, weekly calls led by fat loss coaches and even some super secret “6 week participant only” workouts!

We concluded our program with a “Wrap up Party” to announce the winners this past Sunday night and it’s safe to say that EVERYONE was blown away by the results. Before I tell you who took the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes I would like to highlight some of the AMAZING achievements we saw from everyone:

  • 7 people lost 20+ pounds!!
  • 14 people lost over 9% of their body weight!!
  • During our fitness testing we had so many people that did 200% MORE push ups than they could do on day 1!
  • And now……drumroll please as we announce the winners:

In 3rd place- winning $100 cash….. Elizabeth Haggy!!!


E. Haggy

12.60% body weight lost

21.45% body fat lost

7.5 inches lost (5.25% of total inches)




In 2nd Place- winning $200 cash…… Scott Anseth!!!

S Anseth2

9.92% body weight lost

23.05% body fat lost

15.75 inches lost (9.13% total inches)






……….Sasi Chakravarthula

he lost 6.22% of his body weight

28.33% Body Fat!!!sasi winner

7 inches (5% of total inches)









Congrats to ALL of our participants as you are all WINNERS in our book!!!   564 total pounds lost during the 6 week body transformation, that’s an average of 11.5 pounds lost per person.  Our next transformation challenge kicks off April 6th. Stay tuned for the release date or email us at office@altmanfitness.com to get on the “pre-sale” list!!

Group Wrap up picture

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