360 Challenge Week #3 motivation and NEW video

Welcome to week 3 of the Altman Fitness 360 Challenge!

How many of you are still 100% committed to your goals? I hope you are not a part of the 60% of Americans that fall off the goals they set for themselves within the first month of setting them!

The key to being successful is to choose a goal that is attainable.

Do you think that committing to move your body for only 10 minutes every single day is attainable?

We have 144 Ten minute increments EVERY DAY!  Do you think that you can use at least ONE of them to exercise?

Well, when you put it that way….

The next key to being successful is to have support.  Well- DONE! We at Altman Fitness and the other members of this challenge are here to support YOU!

The next biggest key is to have a “Why” and the Motivation.  I hope with some of these workout videos I am able to show you that anyone can do this – you don’t need any fancy equipment- just the desire to start.  I want to motivate you and help you recognize how much better you feel when you move….

Come on! Give us just one of those 144 blocks you’ve got in your day….I promise it will make you feel better for the other 143 🙂




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