Congratulations!  You made it and that’s a big deal!!! 



You May Be Asking…

So what’s next?  What do I do now? 


First things first:

-Take Measurements

-Take Body Weight and Body Fat

-Take Pictures

-Send Your Results, Pictures and Story to office@altmanfitness.com




1.  FREE Ultimate Nutrition Guide  Mens  and Womens

2.  Metabolic Type Test Metabolic Typing is simply Customized Nutrition which will give you an eating plan that will both help you live at your ideal weight and maximize your health.

Metabolic Type Test and video series ($159) no coaching

Metabolic Type Test with video series and 30 minute coaching call ($229) *reccomended*

Metabolic Type Test with video series and 4 hours of  1-on-1 Support ($599)


3. Can buy extra workouts $20 for 20 workouts.  These Fat Blasting workouts are all interval style workouts and can be done anywhere with zero equipment.  


4.  Ongoing Support $7.95/ month (includes unlimited email support, facebook connected, ½ price on future 28 Day Fat Take Down Plans, 1 new Fat Blasting workout each month


5.  10 Day Tune Up $110.00 $49.00 (Includes new diet plan, plus exercise and support)


6.  Continue ordering Supplements – The Paleomeal, Greens, and bars are high level nutritionals that will give you the continued convenience to maintain your 28 Day Fat Loss Formula Results!  Email office@altmanfitness.com to get set up on autoship and receive FREE shipping right to your door (you can customize your order at any time yourself)


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