2014 Black Friday Sale!! (Time Sensitive)

This time of year has given us a lot of time to think about what we are thankful for, and some time to reflect on how we want to show appreciation.  We’ve got an amazing group of members that make us feel lucky every day to deliver fat-blasting and body toning workouts. It also allows us an avenue to share nutrition advice and programs that make everyone healthier and change the way people look at food.  That’s a lot to be thankful for.  So, lets not lose sight of what this season is all about…..what are YOU Thankful for?  I hope that yesterday you were expressing those things with family members and loved ones and you are feeling pretty good about the life you’ve got. We had an amazing turnout at our 5th Annual Burn the Fat, Feed the Hungry charity event. The participants raised over $1,700 and donated  food to help feed those in need this holiday season. It’s an amazing time to give back to our community.

And, of course who can miss the fact that today is BLACK FRIDAY!  The day to be Thankful for all the savings you are going to get from local retailers!! Because we believe that better health thru fitness and nutrition is the #1 thing to be thankful for in your life- we’d like to make it a little bit more affordable if you buy in the next 96 hours.

Here’s your opportunity to SAVE $$ on Boot Camp and get a head start on a leaner, fitter YOU in 2015!

When you choose to commit to boot camp with a ‘paid in full’ membership for 6 months, I’ll give you 6 more months for ½ off or choose 3 months ‘paid in full’ and I’ll give you ½ off for 3 more months

That’s right!

You choose to buy 3 or 6 months  ‘paid in full’ membership and get 3 or 6 more months of boot camp for ½ off.


Buy 3 months, Get 3 months 1/2 off



Buy 6 months, Get 6 months 1/2 off


**Also, if you get a friend to join with you, you can save even more money! Put in the code “Couple12 or Couple6” if you are joining with a friend!** 

In addition: This weekend only you can get 10% off any of the supplements we offer from Designs for Health.  Please visit our STORE to place your order and put in the code “BLACK FRIDAY” at the check out!

The Black Friday Sale is ONLY good this weekend so don’t miss out by over eating and falling into a turkey and pumpkin pie coma ;)

REMEMBER YOUR CODE: BLACKFRIDAY when you order supplements!

Thank you for your commitment to better health and fitness and have a wonderful holiday season

Jay and Kelly Altman














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