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Let me ask you these 4 questions:

  1. Have you ever thought others lose fat easier than you?
  2. Do you ever wonder why you eat less but STILL continue to gain weight?
  3. Are you exercising more than ever, yet the weight doesn't seem to budge?
  4. Do you feel like you're spending a lot of TIME, MONEY, and EFFORT but your results are still not what you want them to be?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you aren't alone in your frustration! Your lack of fat loss is NOT YOUR FAULT. Let me tell you why.

Have you ever seen a fly in your house trying desperately to get out by feverishly pounding itself into the same window over and over and over again? Boom. Boom. Face first into the glass.

You see that fly is not failing to get back outside because of a lack of effort. The fly is simply using the same bad strategy over and over even though it's clearly not working.

I can only imagine that this poor fly would feel completely frustrated, energetically drained, and ultimately defeated. Sound familiar?

Still the desire to get outside remains high, so this poor fly keeps on trying despite the fact that there is zero chance of success using the same bad strategy.
Boom. Boom. Face first into the glass.

If this misguided fly only knew that all it really needed to do is wait by the door and the next time someone went outside it could simply slip out the door and finally achieve SUCCESS! With very little effort this fly could get exactly what is
wants just by simply changing to a strategy that actually works.

Does this sound familiar? Do you ever feel like this fly, expending tons of energy, using the same bad strategies, only to never realize your goal??? Boom. Boom. Face first into the glass. Do you ever wish someone could give you the exact
success strategies to follow so that all you need to do is simply follow the step by step formula to get to YOUR FREEDOM?

Why Listen to Me Anyway???

Now, who am I and why should you listen to me? Well, my name is Jay Altman, fitness and fat loss expert and simply put I WILL teach you exactly how to lose fat weight and more importantly how to keep it off for good. I have taught thousands of others to do the exact same thing as you can see from the testimonials below.

I've been coaching fitness models, athletes, and business executives for over 15 years, but until now I've never given away the secrets behind my fat burning system on a public web page like this, so please read it all right now while you can.

You see until now I've always reserved my insider knowledge for those that can afford to pay me $200 plus an hour and literally spend several thousand dollars with me every year. Now, this might seem like a lot of money, and don't get me wrong it is. However, I always strive to over deliver value and I money back
guarantee results. I simply don't know how to do it any better. The old saying “you get what you pay for” is what I have in my mind when it comes to the products I deliver. My philosophy with my business has always been to educate myself better than anyone else in the world in terms of fitness and fat loss and then charge accordingly.

Recently, I've had an evolution in philosophy which is that I need to make my products available to as many people as possible because I know they can help a lot of people. It's no secret that as a country we keep getting fatter and fatter
and obesity and diabetes are fast on the rise. Check this shocking presentation that the trusted CDC put out here:

Listen, the tipping point for me was my family. I literally help thousands of people every year but I keep watching my family (outside of my household) suffer the same obesity battle, not to mention all the other health issues that go along with it. So, I asked myself “what could I do to help the masses of people that are just like my very own family members to get them the kind of help that I give to all of my clients?” The combination of this question along with my desire to help people kept eating at me, A LOT. I couldn't just keep my knowledge to myself when
I know I could be helping literally millions of people to lose weight and realize better health. With the 28 Day Fat Loss Formula Plan I've figured out how to deliver the RIGHT information that FIXES broken metabolisms, balances hormones, eliminates the wrong choice foods, and more importantly gives you the exact foods
to eat to lose fat off your body once and for all. And now I want to deliver the whole Formula at a ridiculously low price. (That's good for all of us!)

Listen, I still very much pride myself being the best when it comes to my education and delivering the best results. In fact, I believe in the PROVEN methods that I've used with thousands of people from many walks of life so much that I stand behind my products with a 60 Day 100% money back guarantee.
Like I said earlier, I simply don't know how to back up my products any better than that.

Here's the deal...

Whether you need to ultimately lose 100 pounds or that stubborn last 10, you can start your transformation immediately.

What I'll Share With You

  • Has nothing to do with worthless "fat burner" supplements...
  • Has nothing to do with dangerous weight loss surgery...
  • Does not require killing yourself in the gym...
  • And you definitely will NOT go hungry!

What I'm talking about is moving your body quickly into a fat burning zone where you see real results...where you're going to feel incredible energy ...and you're going to jump out of bed in the morning excited to take on
the day with a new confidence, a new and fresh outlook on who you are...

And in due time you'll actually look forward to showing off your body and actually WANT your picture taken and shared, just like the people you'll see on the page below...

The Complete 28 Day Fat Loss Formula


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How Do I Know This Will Work For YOU?

Because I have used this exact program with the Minnesota Timberwolves Performance Team, several models, high level business executives...


( That's me there on the left )

...AND, it's the exact system I've used to help thousands of REGULAR PEOPLE achieve quick and permanent fat loss.

If you're fed up with fighting your body to lose weight, avoiding the beach or the pool, hiding behind frumpy clothes and feeling tired and depressed all the time...

... if you think you've heard it all and tried it all to lose weight...

...then I'm betting you haven't heard about the secret formula I'm going to share with you today.

And yes...

It's Proven To Work Even If You've Struggled With Fat Loss Your Entire Life!

Listen, I've got really good news for you. I KNOW the strategies that really work for fat loss and I have helped thousands of people just like you to achieve fat loss once and for all using my 28 Day Fat Loss Formula.

The Formula I'll Share With You

  • Is NOT about expensive “fat burning” supplements that quite frankly do NOT work...
  • Is NOT a lose weight now, only to gain it all back and then some later diet...
  • Is NOT high risk, like the dangerous weight loss surgeries that cost thousands of dollars and take a toll on your health...
  • Does NOT require hours a day at the gym, in fact exercise is NOT required...
  • Is NOT a starvation diet, in fact you likely will NOT be able to finish all of the food on the plan...

So how do I know if this plan is right for me?

  • If you're sick and tired of trying useless starvation diets and yo-yo fat loss fads.
  • If you're frustrated & STRUGGLING to lose fat and keep it off for good.
  • If you've lost weight only to discover that a short time later you've not only put the weight back on that you lost, but you have gained even more weight.
  • If you're exercising more than ever (expending a lot of energy) to lose weight but you just don't seem to go anywhere.
  • If you're sick of being over promised and under delivered fat loss results to where the only thing you really lost was your money AND your time.

Then first of all let me say that I'm sorry that this is what has happened to you. And please take a moment to read the rest of this page.

This might be the most important page you have ever read.

If you KNOW you are ready to finally do something about your weight once and for all. If you are sick and tired of just talking about it and know in your gut that now is the time. Then the 28 Day Fat Loss Formula is right for you.

The plan is not necessarily hard, but I will tell you that it will require REAL effort on your part, and REAL commitment, and REAL insider information that I'm going to give to you. But, in the end you will see it's totally worth it. Worth it because you will get REAL results. Listen, you deserve to feel young again, you deserve to feel good energy, you deserve to reclaim your health and you deserve to look your best. And you know it.

On this page you will discover what could possibly be the most powerful fat melting program ever devised – A program so simple, yet so effective, literally anyone can do it.

Including you!


-Lost 20 lbs in 28 Day!!!


I love the result of losing 20 lbs in 28 days! I have never felt so great and I have more energy and less cravings than ever. I hope to keep up with healthy lifestyle- thanks so much, Kelly and Jay for your help!!!


-More Energetic Than Ever!!!


I had amazing results that I could see AND feel and I am now more energetic than ever. I have the knowledge and tools after doing this plan that I can take with me for life.


-Learned to Make Better Food Choices


Great program, I have learned soooooooo much. Thank YOU! I have the knowledge to be successful with eating to diet and to maintain a healthy weight long term. I’m also making better choices with food...

People are constantly sharing pictures on social media like Facebook and Twitter and - right or wrong - we do judge each other on appearance.

Losing Weight Is Not Difficult!

However, as you already know, most weight loss is temporary at best. That's because most diets damage your metabolism and ultimately cause you to fail.

Mark Twain once said about smoking: "Quitting smoking is the easiest thing I ever did, I've done it over10,000 times!"

I like to say the same thing about weight-loss, losing weight is the easiest thing you've ever done, you've done it over 10,000 times!!!

While the point is obviously exaggerated, you get the point.

You see, I've worked alongside real people to see what it really takes to make a change.

I know the struggle regular people endure to overcome a lifetime of bad habits and faulty information.

Diet and drug companies only see you as a blip on a sales chart - not a human being

My formula is the only one backed by time tested and proven science along with 15 years of working with real people.

I've personally guided thousands of people as they transformed their bodies and took control over their lives.

I know what it takes. It's not always a walk in the park. But here's the good news:

It's easier than you think!

Using my fat loss formula, I was able to show all these people using my step by step system just how to lose fat once and for all without requiring ANY expensive
supplements, and without hours of working out...

And guess what else?

You Will Never Go Hungry!

In fact, most people are eating MORE food than they ever have on my program and the reason is because the foods you eat, in the way I teach you to eat them, go toward fixing your metabolism instead of damaging it and leaving you heavier than you started.

In only 28 Days, my fat loss formula creates permanent change in your body because you'll learn my proven methods that teach you exactly how to eat for fat loss. The
exact same methods that I've used with thousands of other people just like you!

Best of all, you'll experience that raw energy that a naturally skinny teenager feels.

The people who've discovered this secret say they can't wait to get up in the morning and start their day...they devour life in great chunks... live it with gusto to the fullest and then sleep like a baby at night.

They never feel deprived, they never worry about their weight... and they never feel depressed about their body image.

All those bad feelings and insecurities can be in your rearview mirror and you can get back to life with all the promise and potential that is within you...

Here's what you get

  Component 1  

28 Day Fat Loss Formula Manual

Valued at $39 – Your Step by Step Guide for Fat Loss

  Component 2  

28 Day Fat Loss Formula Kitchen Raid

Valued at $19 – A step by step guide so your kitchen is in order to ensure your fat loss success

  Component 3  

28 Day Fat Loss Formula Meal Plan

Valued at $29 – A detailed meal plan showing you exactly what to eat every single day so your body has no choice but to lose the fat

  Component 4  

28 Day Fat Loss Formula Recipes

Valued at $29 – Done for you recipes specifically dialed in for your caloric needs to fix your metabolism while losing fat

  Component 5  

28 Day Fat Loss Formula Grocery Lists

Valued at $29 – Done for you grocery lists so all you have to do is grab the list and shop

  Component 6  

28 Day Fat Loss Formula Weekly Meal Planner

Valued at $15 – If you fail to Plan you plan to fail. Customize the plan to fit your own needs with this planner.

  Component 7  

28 Day Fat Loss Formula Weekly Meal Tracker

Valued at $15 – Studies show that when you track what you do success goes up. Way up.

As you can see, the entire 7-component system is a real $175 value. But, don't worry, I’m not charging $175 for this information, not even close. And in fact, you're going to get one heck of a discount off the already discounted "regular price" just because you are seeing this limited time offer right now.

Until the timer expires you get the entire package for only $97.97. But hurry this is a limited time offer that expires soon.

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The Complete 28 Day Fat Loss Formula


$175.00 Only $97.97


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Jay Altman, CMTA, HLC, USAW

P.S. If you're sick of diets that just don't work, and you're up to the challenge (I can understand if you're not), then grab this no-brainer offer for just $97.97 and get started to smacking fat in the face right now.

P.P.S. Your results are guaranteed by my 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied 100% after 30 days, I'll give you every penny back, and you can keep the program.

The Complete 28 Day Fat Loss Formula


$175.00 Only $97.97


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Note: Due to recent statements from the FTC, it is required that we identify what a “typical” result is. The harsh truth is that most people never do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, their typical results are zero. You are the main element of your success! I personally have gained over 10 lbs of lean muscle and increased my performance using this system, and have worked with the individuals above, some who have shown even greater success. They worked hard, and earned their results. As with any exercise program, obtain the consent of your doctor before the initiation of any physical training program.” Note: Upon purchase, you will be given instant access! This is a virtual product, that can be conveniently accessed anywhere with an internet connection. No hard product will be shipped.